FiledyneLogic preview available!

FiledyneLogic – Take control.

Ladder diagram editors, were only a dream when most of us in Automation business left schools. Time changes, and time have become the most valuable asset we have. C, C++ and assembly language, have all had what’s named “conditional assembly”, making it easy to disable or enable large blocks of code…

So should ladder diagram editors! FiledyneLogic – Demo for Windows download

Demo version of TC-1 configurator

Is it a CANopen slave, or a standalone unit? Your choice! The configurator makes it really simple to set up the OffLine mode of a TC-1. Select control type, Select outputs, then select one direction at a time and check the outputs on the image you want active. for the direction.

Download Filedyne TC-1 configurator

TC-1 Release!

TC-1 Single unit.

  • 10-30VDC
  • 2.5A per output.
  • Double channel emergency stop available.
  • Up to 8 outputs 4 inputs / 6 outputs and 6 inputs on 5-pole contacts.
  • Emergency stop, and 4 direction inputs from control unit, plus one bidirectional line.
  • Expandable beyond your imagination.
  • CANopen slave I/O device.
  • ElectronicDataSheet available for easy implemention!
  • Can work Standalone, in a group, or under your CANopen network!

Filedyne standard – NO LIMITS!

Visit webshop to get EDS file