Failure is a choice – Not an option!

Quality matters!

Bad quality, forced us to start the company Filedyne!
There’s nothing as expensive as bad reliability!
The TC-1, don’t just test itself, but also it’s neighbours, before starting the main application,
If you don’t think you need that extra safety, you will need to specify that you dont!
Quality and safety are very tight bound together!
The best failures, are those that never happens!

Finding the best solutions.

Over 15 years of advanced microprocesor developement.
The experience lead to the developement of the TC-1, the only solution anyone needs…
Started from Assembly level, into C, and lately C++…
”Know the why, and you figure out the how…”
Great code is a choice – Not a coincidence!

Smart solutions:

Reduces the requirements of the hardware, and therefore reduces the final cost per unit.
-Makes more out of less.
-Less hardware requirements equals smaller long-term costs.

Long experience:

-Faster time to market!
-Brings solutions togheter! A solution to one problem, is often the answer to another one too.
-Experience, also brings answers to the questions you dont know you need to ask for.
-Increased safety and reliability.

Assembly language:

”Nobody writes software in this language, because it´s to difficult to teach!”
-That´s an excuse, Filedyne writes most of the software in C, and even C++, but thinks in Assembly language,
to get more out of less, because – performance matters!
There´s times though, when Assembly language even saves developement time. again – Time to market!


Welcome to Filedyne / Anders Jonsson